Thursday, January 8, 2009

Super fun at the Playboy Mansion

I had a great trip to California. It was a quick weekend trip. Meet up with a few of my model friends. I had one of them come with me to the Playboy Party at the Mansion. Diana volunteered to be my assistant. She was one of the most beautiful assistant's I have had in a long time. Well it was my first time to visit the Playboy Mansion. It was a thrill as we enter the gate and drove up the curved drive way to the familiar site I've seen on TV and playboy magazines. Hef's beautiful home.
We got there early before the party started so I can set up to bodypaint 5 models for the party. As soon as the girls arrived I got busy painting the first girl.

So I had 4 hours to body paint 5 beauty's. When I paint I usually use an airbrush, but decided to hand paint all the girls. No airbrushing on this trip. Good old fashion freehand action! Things went smoothly. Got everyone painted in time for the red carpet. At one point all the girls wanted to bodypaint me. I'm not use to getting body painted. They started tugging on my shirt as I was in the middle of finishing the last girl. But I was a professional and told them I must finish the job first and I'd let them paint me after hours.

There is only one girl in red above that wasn't painted. She was my assistant. I had Diana help me bodypaint one of the girls that night. Diana had no body painting experience. She helped me color in the checker flag on Heather Rene Smith (Playboy's Feb 2007 Playmate) the last girl on the right side of the picture.
Here I am posing with beautiful girls I met there for the first time. Loved painting them!!!
Well my duty was done and off I was to enjoy the party. I hang out and watched the girls walk around wearing nothing but shoes and paint. As the girls walked around they were constantly being stopped for photos. Walking around like super stars!

Ludacris preformed later that night. Had the place rocking! Beautiful women everywhere dressed in lingerie and sexy club wear. I run into a few playmates that I have shot in the passed. Usually glamour stuff. Love glamour. The night went by quick and before you knew it, it all came to an end. Well enclosing, it was a great experience I soon won't forget. I want to say special thanks to Mr. Hefner and Michael Rypel for having me at their event.
I woke up early next morning realizing it's time to head back home. My weekend trip ended with a good flight back and beautiful landscapes as I glanced out the window.Feel free to visit and check out my work on my Website: or my myspace page:

My trip to the Playboy Mansion

I'll be heading to the Playboy Mansion. It will be my first trip there! I'm a photographer as well as a body painter. So I'm going to the Playboy Mansion to body paint for an event called THE GREAT AMERICAN FANTASY. Anyone wanting to attend this event can go to this website: for details. So I'll be blogging about my weekend trip to California. I'm very fortunate that I get to photograph beautiful women and body painting them as well. Plus as a bonus I get to travel to places I would never imagine going to.

So I'm starting to get ready by drawing designs that I would be body painting on the girls. Tomorrow I'll be visiting the art store for supplies. I'm so excited about this weekend. All my friends wishing they could come with me. I have to say this is on my list of things to do at least once in my life. After this weekend I can scratch this one of the list! Like I said I get to go on really cool assignments. I'd like to share with you all. So check back from time to time.

My trip to Kazakhstan

I got a call one day, someone looking for a body painting artist to paint on hands. Not knowing it would be halfway around the world. When they asked if I would come to paint in Kazakhstan, I hesitated to answer. I asked myself, where did I heard that name before. Kazakhstan. Then it hit me. From the movie Borat. I thought it was made country. So I googled Kazakhstan and much to my surprise it was a real country. So next thing I knew I was on my way! I was excited. I love flying to new places. Love to see how others live. The video below, is the finished product.

Everyone one there went out of theie way to make me feel at home. Want to thank everyone at DreamLab for using me for their project. They spoke mostly Russian over there. At one time Kazakhstan was part of Russia. I thought the food over there was great. Love it and the vodka was really smooth. Easy to drink. Yes we did do a shot or two!
We painted some samples before shooting the real thing. I'm use to painting whole bodies rather than just painting hands. It was a challenge for me to paint small animals on a small surface. It was the first time I painted anything like this. I'm a photographer by trade. I was happy they had their own photographer to shoot the stills. I'm use to painting my subjects and then shooting them myself. I do a lot of traveling on assignment with my photography. I'd have to say this was my best trip for 2008 by far. So thanks once again to everyone over there and for the awesome dinner we had on the last night there.